National WeChoose Week

January 21-27, 2018


Nationalizing the Local Fights – Parents want their schools improved, not closed.  Communities want to be constituents, not customers.  Support for school privatization schemes continues to plummet and there is a demand, especially in communities of color for full service, sustainable community schools. JOIN US!

WEEK of ACTION Logo image used by Journey for Justice in Chicago IL

Sunday, January 21st    5 pm EST/4 pm CST

Join Our 2 HOURS OF POWER on Social Media!

#WeChoose Victory Kick Off


Monday, January 22nd  7:30 pm EST/6:30 pm CST

#WeChoose Conversation with Jitu Brown, J4J National Director and Jay Travis, Organizer & Public Education Justice Champion on School Closings and Privatization. Join us on Facebook Live from J4J Page!


Tuesday, January 23rd  7 pm EST/6 pm CST/4 pm PST

#WeChoose Sustainable Community Schools live interview with Zakiyah Ansari -Alliance for Quality Education (AQE), New York. Join us on Facebook Live from AQE Page!


Wednesday, January 24th  7 pm EST/6 pm CST/4 pm PST

#WeChoose to End Zero Tolerance Victory Interview with Education Rights Network, Pittsburg, PA  Meeting ID: 665-257-8963


Thursday, January 25th

#WeChoose Public Schools, Not School Privatization. Network for Public Education (NPE) Charter Report Release and Social Media


Friday, January 26th   

#WeChoose Community Public Schools. Letters and phone calls to Congress in support of public schools with NPE

Friday, January 26th  7 pm EST/6 pm CST/4 pm PST

#WeChoose to Stop the Attack on Black Teachers! Join our ZOOM Webinar: – Meeting ID: 665-257-8963


Saturday, January 27th  12 pm EST/11 am CST/9 am PST

#WeChoose Picture Day. Post a Picture with a #WeChoose Sign and/or #WeChoose Shirt. Join the 2 HOURS OF POWER on Social Media!


Saturday, January 27th 7 pm EST/6 pm CST/4 pm PST

Watch “Kings and Queens” Documentary with Irene Robinson, Dyett Hunger Striker. Join us on Facebook Live from J4J Page!

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