#WeChoose Campaign

In today’s political climate more than ever, it is important for local communities to build the power needed to control how education is administered in their communities. The #WeChoose campaign will explode the” illusion of school choice” by promoting what thousands of parents and students demand daily in their education experience; equity, expressed through access to world class public schools within walking distance of their homes. Our work is to insure that we have the capacity to move decision makers in our local cities, while building national support for community driven school improvement instead of failed school privatization schemes.

Education as a Human Right Campaign

J4J has launched an “Education is a Human Right” campaign, elevating the fact that school privatization and education inequity in the United States is a violation of the human rights of our students and their families. We have engaged with hundreds of people directly impacted by school privatization and inequity; school closings, turnarounds, co-locations, charter and contract school expansion to get their stories on how they have been affected by these policies. This campaign will ultimately bring the human rights violations inflicted upon our communities by proponents of school privatization to thousands of doorsteps, laptops, smartphones and town hall meetings. We will use the attention garnered from this campaign to call for education equity and an end to school privatization.

Sustainable Community Schools

The Journey for Justice Alliance is calling for the expansion of Sustainable Community Schools across the United States as a viable and evidence based alternative to school privatization. We want the schools that our white counterparts enjoy; with relevant, engaging and challenging curriculum, supports for high quality teaching, wrap-around supports for every child, student centered school climate and transformative parent and community engagement. We are organizing to expands this model in our local communities and at the national level.