Who We Are: Journey for Justice Alliance

Journey for Justice (J4J) is an alliance of grassroots community, youth, and parent-led organizations in 24 cities across the country: Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boston, Chicago, Dayton, Denver, Detroit, Eupora and Kilmichael MS, Los Angeles, Newark, Patterson, Camden and Jersey City NJ, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York City and Brooklyn, Oakland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., and Wichita. We are honored to have as members; Equal Education from Johannesburg, South Africa!

Our members are base-building groups organizing to win community-driven alternatives to the privatization of and dismantling of public school systems. We are organizing in our neighborhoods, cities, and nationally for an equitable and just education system, based on a belief in the potential of all children and the rights of parents, youth, and communities to participate in all aspects of planning and decision-making.

We are not fooled by the “illusion of school choice.” The policies of the last twenty years, driven more by private interests than by concern for our children’s education, are devastating our neighborhoods and our democratic rights. Only by organizing locally and coming together nationally will we build the power we need to change local, state, and federal policy and win back our public schools.

School closings are a key issue now because if our communities don’t have schools, we will have little to fight for. But if we only fight against closings, we won’t succeed at building the kind of sustainable school transformation that will carry us forward. Therefore, we are striving to build a national movement grounded in racial justice, education equity and building world-class sustainable community schools across the United States.

Journey for Justice is intentionally carving a space for organized low-income and working class communities, who are directly impacted by top-down corporate education interventions. Our member organizations are built and led primarily by parents and youth of color and we fight unapologetically for community-driven school improvement that allows us to be genuine and in the forefront. We will work in partnership with true allies who share our vision and commitment to our leadership.