The Journey For Justice Alliance

J4J National Conference

May 18th – May 20th | Chicago

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In cities across the U.S., low-income and working families are organizing to win important victories and we know that none of us can win equity in public education alone. The Journey for Justice Alliance reached out to many of the strongest organizing, civil rights, advocacy & labor groups across the country to form the #WeChoose Coalition; the NAACP, Alliance for Education Justice, American Federation of Teachers, Advancement Project, Badass Teacher’s Association, National Education Association, Institute for Democratic Education in America, Dignity in Schools Coalition, Save Our Schools, Network for Public Education and Alliance to Reclaim our Schools and the #WeChoose Campaign was born.

The #WeChoose campaign is a declaration from hundreds of thousands of parents and students in cities across the United States with a clear, yet profound message – we refute and resist corporate education policies that are inflicted upon our children without our voice.

The failure of previous administrations to respect the voices of all Americans has set the tone for this perilous moment that we are in now. We reject appointed school boards. We reject zero tolerance policies that criminalize our children. We reject mediocre corporate education interventions that are only accepted because of the race of the children served. We choose equity. We organize to build local coalitions and alliances to have the power to realize this vision. The conference will celebrate this work and build on it: We Choose Equity, Not the Illusion of School Choice!